Original Music and Comedy bits  ©2008

I'm in Love with the Luna Carpet Girl

A Table for One

I Gotta Be Movin On

A Dysfunctional Family Christmas

Cubs Fan Anthem (written by a Sox fan)

What the Hell is Going On?

Cute Shoes

I Promise that I'll Never Call You Mom

You've been Treating Me too Bad too Long

I'm Going Def

NSFW Adult themed, not for the kiddies, funny, bawdy "party music" R-Rated;  "BLUE"

The Dirty Opera "The Pervertamento"

What do I Gotta Do to get some Head?


All material copyrighted 2008 by Nicolas Sanabria all rights reserved

Tom Ferrone, Joel Feldman, Jim Szarno, Richard Larsen, Nixon Abria  at the Plant Room in Evanston.

Cliche' Scat


Everyone gets a celebrity crush on a television personality.   Mine is the spokesperson for a local carpet company.

I wantted Tony Bennett to sing this one.                  He never called back.

A good, old fashioned, callous break-up song

Rejected Hallmark movie idea

A story song: Does not follow the usual verse, verse, chorus pattern, and has 3 modulations, starts in E and ends in A, for any of you music majors who give a rats ass.

Truck Song

A Man vs Machine story song.   I wrote this in 1978 long before AI and Autonomous Vehicles.  Call me Nickstrodamus.

I came up with a new music style in 1980:     "Country Funk".  This is the only example of that genre.

If you've been married long enough, you notice them.

All the old chestnuts roasting on an open band

The begiining of an exciting, new relationship........

.........Aaaand the end of that relationship.

An ode to 1500 watt subwoofers in cars

WGN held an open call for a new Cubs Fan song.    They never called back.

An original song in the style of Leon Redbone.  (I just got a brand new ukulele and took it out for a spin)

A vulgar opera comprised of every line highlighted in dirty books.  Sort of a musical 50 Shades.

Needs absolutely no commentary, whatsoever.

Whoopy Tree

Has Been

Recorded in 1980 with the Moondogs.  Here is a link to the Moondogs website with an archive of all our music.