Original Music and Comedy bits  ©2008

I'm in Love with the Luna Carpet Girl

A Table for One

I Gotta Be Movin On

A Dysfunctional Family Christmas

Cubs Fan Anthem (written by a Sox fan)

What the Hell is Going On?

Cute Shoes

I Promise that I'll Never Call You Mom

You've been Treating Me too Bad too Long

I'm Going Def

NSFW Adult themed, not for the kiddies, funny, bawdy "party music" R-Rated;  "BLUE"

The Dirty Opera "The Pervertamento"

What do I Gotta Do to get some Head?


All material copyrighted 2008 by Nicolas Sanabria all rights reserved

Tom Ferrone, Joel Feldman, Jim Szarno, Richard Larsen, Nixon Abria  at the Plant Room in Evanston.