About Nixon:

Real Job

Mr. Abria's actual business:


All music was written, performed and recorded by Nick Sanabria at Radio City Recording & Audio studios.   Exceptions are as follows:

"I'm In Love with the Luna Carpet Girl: Drums played by Jim Doherty

"A Dysfunctional Family Christmas": Second Voice, sound effects: Jim Doherty

"I Promise that I'll Never Call You Mom"  "Truck Song": Chris Mitchell,:Drums, Cary Donham: piano, Mitch Alvarez: bass, Mike Rasfeld (ACME) engineered.

"You've Been Treating Me too Bad to Long" Backed up by Jump in the Saddle Band: Dave Roberts: Piano, Barney Schwartz: guitar, Annie Schwartz: bass, Billy Bob Lindsley, drums, T.C. Furlong: Pedal Steel, Recorded at ACME, Mike Rasfeld engineered.

"Cliche Scat" Jonathan Menchin: Piano, Tim Walkoe: Bass, Bill Archer: drums; Buster Ursini: engineer/Chicago Trax

"Freewheelin'", "Has Been": Moondogs band; Greg Komorski; drums, Mitch Alvarez: bass, Cary Donham: piano, Brian Barrett: sllide guitar, Ivan Strunin,: Fiddle, Buster Ursini: engineer/Chicago Trax

Comedy bits;

"Miracle on Mag Mile":  "Tommy": Jim Doherty

"Fly on the Wall Series"  "Sid"; "Johnson": Darryl Warren; "Ed": Jim Doherty

The Nixon Abria Music & Comedy Album is a compilation of mostly funny songs and comedy bits recorded as the mood struck, that revolve around the life of a guy who lives in Chicago. Many are autobiographical, based on true-life incidents, but for the sake of marital harmony, are all based on "fictional characters".

Mr. Abria has been in the music business since the 1960's and has played with numerous local Chicago bands, including one that actually backed up a famous girl-child country western star in 1975.

Upon realizing country music was not his chosen field ($127 per week salary and 6 years of college ruled this out) Nixon secured a job in the sparkling world of advertising, writing memorable campaigns for the "Largest Advertising Agency in Chicago"; and later started a recording studio when they decided advertising was not his chosen field either.

He is still in advertising, proving the giant agency wrong, doing radio commercials and voice-overs for hundreds of satisfied customers coast to coast.  This site is a cheap promotional vehicle to show you how clever he is and try to get your business.  Well, that and give you a couple of laughs.