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Fly on the Wall: Mayan Calendar Hysteria

We used the new iPhone Time Travel App. to send the fly back to 608 b.c. to record what really happened.


3rd Race at the Honeymoon is Over Downs


In the column below:

"Fly on the Wall "series:  

The premise:  we send a fly with a wireless microphone to "bug" a board room and record what really goes on.

The "video" below was the first in the series, and accidentally wound up in the Mayan Calendar Company.....

Big Pharma series

“Finding the Cure”

“Finding the "Need'"

ADD Medications

Making up “Syndromes”


Who comes up with these names? 

Killing the Competition

The Birth of H1N1

Chicagoese Language Lab

Miracle on Mag Mile  

(VERY NSFW!   Hey, I warned you)

Note:  If the title bar is in blue, that is jist what the bit is: "BLUE"

NSFW or the kiddies.

Richard Larson, Joel Feldman, Nixona Abtia, and Ron Raffe play a roadhouse in Wisc.

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